Technically Speaking

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: When should I have my vehicle serviced?

A: Every 20 to 25 thousand miles.

Q: Does my SUV require any special maintenance?

A: Yes it does. If your SUV has 4-wheel-drive (most of them do), it has an extra transfer case, an extra differential and an extra driveshaft that need maintenance. Internal lubricants breakdown from time, heat, and wear. It is critical that you support the integrity of these fluids, by checking levels and replacing them periodically just as you would do in any automobile.

Q: My transmission is shifting strangely, do I need a whole new transmission?

A: Probably not. Today’s vehicles are highly sophisticated and many transmission functions are controlled electronically by various sensors, chips and even mini-computers. Many complaints are just a result of a faulty sensor or a bad electronic connection. Problems like these can often be easily diagnosed by simply using a scan tool to extract your vehicle codes and code history.

Q: Does my transmission have to be taken apart in order to determine what’s wrong?

A: Contrary to what many “experts” tell you, most problems can be diagnosed without what we call an R.D.I.,( Removal, Disassembly and Inspection). We can usually diagnose a problem with a simple scanning operation to determine if your problem is an internal issue or an external signal / sensor problem.

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